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Volatility releases are the result of significant in-depth research into OS internals, applications, malicious code, and suspect activities. Releases represent a milestone in not only our team's progress, but also in the development of the community and forensics capabilities as a whole. While releases may seem few and far between, we strive to perform rigorous testing of our new features before calling it stable.

All releases can be found here: A summary of all releases is below.



Volatility 3 v2.4.1
  • New plugins:

    • linux.sockstat

    • linux.iomem

    • linux.psscan

    • linux.envars

    • windows.drivermodule

    • windows.vadwalk

  • Pid filtering for Windows pstree plugin

  • Minor fixes for Windows callbacks plugin

  • Minimum Python version was increased to 3.7

  • Python-snappy dependency was replaced with ctypes to ease installation

  • Whole codebase was reformatted with black

  • Faster release cycle (targetting every 4 months)


Released: April 2023



Volatility 3 v2.4.0

For the 2.4.0 release, the major version has jumped a few numbers for compatibility, but this is the next release including the following:

  • New plugins

    • linux.mountinfo

    • linux.psaux

    • windows.devicetree

    • windows.joblinks

    • windows.ldrmodules

    • windows.mbrscan

    • windows.mftscan

    • windows.sessions

  • Introduced the concept of modules and module requirements

  • Unified symbol handling and ISF file caching between OS versions

  • Better QEVM support (fixed the QEMU PCI hole)

  • Exposed an API for automatic PDB symbol table use

  • Improved contributed documentation

  • Various bug fixes and changes across the codebase


Released: December 2022



Volatility 3 v2.0.1

A maintenance release to resolve a few issues affecting Windows detection and PDB support.


Released: March 2022

Volatility 3 v2.0.0

Highlights for this release:

  • New plugins such as:

  • Windows networking plugins

  • Windows crashinfo and skeleton_key_check

  • Linux kmsg plugin

  • New layers: AVML and LeechCore

  • QEMU layer performance optimization

  • Improved access to Windows library symbols

  • Better offline and remote support

  • Improved documentation

  • Improved working with python requirements

  • Drop support for python 3.5


Released: January 2022




Volatility 3 v1.0.1

Hotfix release to fix an issue with pypi and


Released: February 2021


Volatility 3 v1.0.0 (Python 3 Rewrite)

In 2020, the Volatility Foundation publicly released a complete rewrite of the framework, Volatility 3. The project was intended to address many of the technical and performance challenges associated with the original code base that became apparent since its original release in 2007. Another benefit of the rewrite is that Volatility 3 could be released under a custom license that was more aligned with the goals of the Volatility community, the Volatility Software License (VSL). Details about the rewrite of Volatility 3 can be found in this presentation: Volatility 3 Public Beta: Insider’s Preview

Released: February 2020





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