Volatility Contest

This contest is inspired and modeled after the Hex-Rays Plugin Contest. As in the case of IDA, Volatility was designed with the belief that talented analysts should only be limited by their creativity not the tools they use. In this spirit, Volatility has a flexible architecture that can be extended in numerous ways: analysis plugins (operating system plugins, application plugins, etc), volshell commands, address spaces, profiles, or user interfaces. This contest is intended to inspire people to demonstrate their creativity, become a memory analysis pioneer, win the admiration of your peers, and give back to the community.

2020 Volatility Plugin Contest (CLOSED)

2019 Volatility Plugin Contest (CLOSED)

2019 Volatility Analysis Contest (CLOSED)

2018 Volatility Plugin Contest (CLOSED)

2018 Volatility Analysis Contest (CLOSED)

2017 Volatility Plugin Contest (CLOSED)

2016 Volatility Plugin Contest (CLOSED)

2015 Volatility Plugin Contest (CLOSED)

2014 Volatility Plugin Contest (CLOSED)

2013 Volatility Plugin Contest (CLOSED)