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Volatility 3 v1.0.0

In 2020, the Volatility Foundation publicly released a complete rewrite of the framework, Volatility 3. The project was intended to address many of the technical and performance challenges associated with the original code base that became apparent since its original release in 2007. Another benefit of the rewrite is that Volatility 3 could be released under a custom license that was more aligned with the goals of the Volatility community, the Volatility Software License (VSL). Details about the rewrite of Volatility 3 can be found in this presentation: Volatility 3 Public Beta: Insider’s Preview. Further information about all Volatility 3 releases including minor releases can be found in the Volatility 3 project on GitHub.



Released: February 2020



Release Highlights


  • Rewrote and redesigned the entire framework (Python 3)

  • Added integrated symbol support (Windows symbols can be automatically downloaded or cached locally for analysis in air-gapped environments)

  • Enhanced API documentation generated from the code

  • Expanded APIs for developers and integrations

  • Significant performance optimizations (object caching, multi-processing)

  • Added native support for 32-bit apps on 64-bit kernels

  • Enhanced support for plugin dependencies and versioning

  • Expanded support for address space layering

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